Smile, Darling.

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  • Person: That character is de-
  • Me: *Puts finger to their lips.*


"You have something different than any other person…people always forgive you, and I should hate you, but I don’t and I don’t know why." -Nicole to Zach

"I hope my future girlfriend is like you." -Zach to Nicole

"You are like the only guy here that I like…it’s so weird." -Nicole to Zach

"I would vote for Zach to win in a heartbeat."
“I think i have a crush on Nicole…”


Nicole- Trying not to think about it (going home).

Zach- Dont think about it. Your dream was to be on Big Brother. You’re here. The most important thing is you being proud of yourself, and your family is proud of you. 


.. Am I the only one who thinks Timmy Turner grew up, lost his fairies, fixed his teeth, got a brother, and became Zach Rance?


Going on the feeds and Nicole isn’t there:

with the exception of Donny, Vic and Zach of course


Caleb,Cody,Christine, and Zach get assigned a skittle color and they pick to see who is playing in BOTB.

Everyone wants Zach to play.

Everyone but Zach get chosen to play.

Final Conclusion : I think orange skittle is in an alliance with Zach.